Upcoming Event: The Greenmantle 30th Anniversary Celebration

On 10th June 2023 there will be a one day event celebrating 30th anniversary of Greenmantle. The event will run from 10am until 8:30pm at the Springbanks Art Centre, New Mills, Derbyshire, SK22 4BH.

Speakers will include Pete Jennings, Byron Machin, Simon Baines-Norton, Linda Sever, Phoebe Sinclair-Harris and Marco Romeo-Pitone. Music will be by Talis Kimberley and Chantras.

Tickets are 10.00 GBP and can be purchased via the Paypal link below.

Past Event: The Greenmantle Anniversary Celebration

In June 2013 (Summer Solstice) Greenmantle, in conjunction with The Doreen Valiente Foundation joined forces for a special day. Celebrating both 20 years of Greenmantle and the historic unveiling of a Blue Plaque commemorating the life and work of Doreen Valiente - the "mother of modern witchcraft".

The day began with a gathering near Brighton Pavilion, where an open ritual was performed, led by Ralph Harvey. There were hundreds of people in attendance for the event. Also performing were the Pentacle drummers and the Hunterís Moon Morris dancers, who were heralds for the procession to the unveiling ceremony.

After the unveiling, the entertainment moved to The Green Door Store, where the Greenmantle celebrations were being held. Our musical guests included Paul Mitchell, Jon Kershaw, who was standing in for Beck Sian, who was sadly too ill to perform, special guest Matthew Callow and our headliner Talis Kimberley and her band. Also performing, and starting the proceedings were the Brighton Morris Men.

The Brighton Morris Men

Jon Kershaw

Paul Mitchell

Matthew Callow

Talis Kimberley

The Evening was a huge success, despite the mishaps we had to overcome, such as Beck Sianís illness. With Greenmantle now relocated to the Peak District, we are looking at new and exciting venues for future celebrations!

Past Event: Doreen Valiente Blue Plaque Celebration

Greenmantle were invited to join forces with The Centre For Pagan Studies and The Doreen Valiente Trust to celebrate a very special and historic day. Coinciding with our own 20th anniversary celebrations, the afternoon of the 21st June saw the unveiling of a Blue Plaque at Doreen Valiente's home in Brighton, East Sussex. This event was a fund-raising celebration to help raise money for the cost of the plaque, it's attachment and its upkeep.

A day For Patricia - April 5th 2014

Following events celebrating the lives and works of Doreen Valiente, Gerald Gardner and Professor Ronald Hutton, the Centre for Pagan Studies shifted their venue from London to Nottingham to celebrate another Wiccan matriarch, writer and High Priestess Patricia Crowther. As ever with such events the organization was seamlessly run with speakers, dealers and exhibits we have grown used to at such events. Patricia donated several items from her own temple for the raffle (two of which were won by Greenmantle!) and entertained the audience with her poetry.

A Blue Plaque for Gerald Gardner

Friday the 13th turned out to be lucky for those who attended the unveiling of a Blue Plaque to commemorate Gerald Gardner. The plaque, organized by the Centre for Pagan Studies, mounted at Gardnerís house in Highcliffe, was unveiled in warm sunshine following a walk from the seafront, past the home of Dorothy Clutterbuck (who introduced Gardner to Wicca). People from as far as America were there to witness the event and partake of special Blue Plaque cakes! Evening entertainment included a talk from Philip Heselton and music from Damh the Bard.

See the full details and reviews of these events in the Samhain 2014 edition of Greenmantle.