Greenmantle is a magazine for Pagans and occultists of all beliefs, paths and denominations.† Founded in 1993, it has a unique voice combining thought-provoking and intelligent articles with news, humour, and a light-hearted personal touch. Avoiding the how-to and basic, Greenmantle concentrates more on living and reflecting as a Pagan, than on practice, and perhaps resonates more with the mature Pagan than the novice Ė though all are most welcome.† It contains interviews and reviews on Pagan lifestyles and the arts, especially music, film and TV.

Greenmantle occasionally give away free gifts, such as vinyl records, DVDís and exclusive CDís. We also host celebrations featuring special guests speakers and musicians.


If you would like to contribute to Greenmantle magazine please submit any articles to the editorial address:

The Mountain & the Stream

The Mountain and the Stream is available again in paperback form. It is also available via Amazon and as a Kindle book.

The Greenmantle Anniversary Celebration

In June 2023 Greenmantle will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. To discover more, please have a look at our 'Events' page.